HEUER Collapsible

Ergonomic¹ - Openings

Collapse, fold and stow. The ideal complement for the bench-vice. The HEUER Collapsible can be stowed under the workbench with ease creating extra space when not in use.

1. Lowest depth from lower edge of workbench plate, 2. Folding depth from front edge of workbench plate, 3. Swivel radius around point of rotation
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The HEUER Collapsible provides an especially ergonomic solution to clustered workspaces in the workshop. In its working position, the vice is fixed sturdily to the workbench and free of any vibration.

When additional height adjustment and rotating capability are needed, the HEUER Collapsible-Lift on the following pages is the right choice.

Adapter plate for a 40-mm workbench top available upon request. (Itemnumber 197013)

Choose jaw width:
Lowest depth
Folding depth
Swivel radius
~ 5,7kg
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