HEUER Collapsible-Lift

Ergonomics³ - Collapse, lift, rotate

When not in use the vice can be folded beneath the workbench thus freeing the whole workspace for other work. The adjustability of the vice extends to approx. 175 mm in height and to rotatability of 360°.  

1. Lowest depth from lower edge of workbench plate, 2. Folding depth from front edge of workbench plate, 3. Swivel radius around point of rotation

People of different sizes, items of different height, sizes and shapes requiring a variety of work, are effortlessly accommodated with the HEUER Collapsible-Lift equipment.   
A real boon to the workplace that prevents serious posture damage - especially important for trainees in schools and workshops.  

Adapter plate for a 40-mm workbench top available upon request. (Itemnumber 702727)

Choose jaw width:
Lowest depth
Folding depth
Swivel radius
Permitted loading
~ 14kg
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