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We are pleased to present you our new homepage. Following we introduce you the company, our products and services we offer.

True to the motto "only those who have made history can tell the real story", we have presented the success story over the years of the world-renowned HEUER bench-vice for you at the end of the catalogue.

You can download our catalog as an e-paper here

One good product alone is not enough

For this reason we have also developed, along with the bench-vice and its accessories, other items in the same durable mould. Innovative technology, optimal works procedure and highly qualified staff contribute to the basis of perfect production at Brockhaus Heuer.

In the following pages you can acquaint yourselves with our products and trend-setting standards in quality, service and reliability, which our customers have come to put their trust in over the years.

» HEUER Vice
» HEUER Vice replaceable jaws
» HEUER Compact

» HEUER Protective jaws
» HEUER Collapsible
» HEUER Lift
» HEUER Stand-Lift
» HEUER Collapsible-Lift
» HEUER Rotary-Table
» HEUER Table-Clamp

Product configurator

You know what needs to be done, but you are unsure which product is best to use? No problem: The HEUER product configurator recommends a vice for you, and gives you tips on suitable accessories.

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Customer experiences

A recommendation is the best argument. What our customers have to say about Brockhaus Heuer:
What our customers say about Brockhaus Heuer >>

On an exciting mission

Follow our agent and find out why he failed in Copenhagen...

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pick@work with Brockhaus Heuer

The world’s first innovative assembly workstation system of its kind is used at Brockhaus Heuer

This new, innovative assembly workstation system was the first of its kind in the world. The innovation: pick@work combines ergonomic workstations with Pick by Light and leads employees through a step-by-step assembly process, using instructions on a display. Intelligent picking and assembly strategies now create optimal process sequences and increased productivity, a clear overview of the parts to be assembled as well as an ergonomic workstation.

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